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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/23/2010 11:20:08 AM
Subject:  Prayers for Karley
Message:  If you find time, I would appreciate you praying for my granddaughter Karley. She started having pains in her upper legs, yesterday when I picked her up from school ( they had early release). She has continued to have these pains and my son in law , Billy, took her to the dr this morning. She can't walk or move without it hurting. We are hoping that it is a reaction to her flu shot that she got Monday.

Monica is leaving work and meeting up with Billy and Karley as she goes on her trips for x rays and to her allergist. They tried to draw blood three times but were unsuccessful. Billy wouldn't let them tray again and said that they would get blood work done later.

Monday, after her shot, she developed a rash on her feet and hands and behind her ear. Tuesday the rash was pretty much gone and she went to school. Late in the school day, her wrist started hurting and she started crying and they took her to the emergency room but nothing was found.

I'm praying it's the flu shot. This has happened, once before, when she got her four year old shots.

Comfort comes from knowing that God is in control. Still don't mean I like it.

Scared? You bet! I'm her " PA "!

Thanks, LL

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