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Author:  San Diego
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/13/2010 4:51:32 PM
Subject:  Re: Old LPs
Message:  Susie, Stu put the turntable setup away. I have no idea where because everything's disguised as something else. A Sealtest milk bottle full of keys in his encrypted code. Triple A maps and gas receipts from our honeymoon in Daytona in a Cat's Paw Shoe Repair kit. Every hamburger patty-maker known to man in a rusty filing cabinet. His Army uniforms and discharge papers in a leather strap and brass-cornered suitcase. I never packed any of this stuff when we moved coast to coast. I started to clean out the garage and realized I'd tripped on compartments of his mind. I didn't know Stu was a packrat. I keep asking him what he wants me to save, but it appears he wants everything.

...and here's another:

"...I save everything, Ro. I try to. The old dresser that I loved... I just loved that thing. Can't explain it. Silver comin' off the back of it. Hardly no mirror left at all. Beveled glass, Ro. I just loved it..." Mick talking about the barn treasures. Each item had its own story.

I love you. I'm hitting the road. Hugs to the great Northwest.

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