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Author:  Jim
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/11/2010 7:33:03 PM
Subject:  Old LPs
Message:  Well, I've moved again and once more carried those original 14 LPs on the seat beside me for safekeeping. I only use the ipod and CDs now, or copies of CDs, but I hold onto the vinyl because that's how Mickey entered my soul many years ago. It took a long while to get that LP collection -- many visits to used records stores, etc., and the same may be true for some of you. I'm not sure what would happen to the 14 LPs if I should leave this planet unexpectedly, so I'm both unwilling to part with them and a little nervous keeping them around. What if they ended up in a Goodwill store or the Salvation Army? Or, egads, a garage sale?

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