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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/1/2010 5:31:18 AM
Subject:  Mickey in my dream
Message:  In my dream, last night, there was a great crowd of people ( I think it was something like all the employees from Conroe Schools ) and we were having a wonderful time at the beach. This dream seemed to go on for a long time.

I remember that I had asked Mickey to come to the party and perform. Not many knew who Mickey was.

It seemed that he wasn't going to show up, but then, I walked into the hotel and there were many people in one of the areas of the hotel watching something. When I got closer it, was Mickey playing and singing to the, awe struck, group. I then started yelling to everyone on the beach, MICKEY NEWBURY IS HERE! Some of them asked who Mickey was and I yelled to the crowd, MICKEY NEWBURY IS THE GREATEST SONG WRITER, EVER! They all ran to where Mickey was and fell silent as he sang his songs.

I never got to talk to him because I was way in the back, but, I saw him look at me, with a smile, and gave me a wink. He had that same cowboy looking hat ( black ) on that we've seen him in before.

It was a beautiful dream. I never got to tell you but, Thanks for showing up Mickey. Thanks a million.

 Mickey in my dream by larry larry at 9/1/2010 5:31:18 AM