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Author:  Stefan Mörth
E-mail:  stefan_morth@hotmail.com
Date:  3/27/2004 3:03:26 PM
Subject:  Re: A
Message:  This discussion give me chills and/or thrills!!! This is the second time I (almost) have got in touch with someone who's actually spoken to Larry Jon Wilson!

Let me give a short background:
I'm from Sweden and I grew up with country music, and early began buying country albums. I owned about 400 albums (all country) in my mid teens. A period followed when I was very occupied playing music myself, studying music and kidding myself about becoming a musician. Around 20 years of age I realized that the business was to tough for a swedish (almost talented) tuba player and I found another way of making my living. I got my stuff together in me & my wife's first appartment. It had been years since I went through my old country albums, and I almost was ready to throw them away... but the rediscovered talent of some few GLOWED towards me. I was now much more "picky". The "few" were Larry Jon Wilson, Mickey Newbury and Steve Young! There were some more singer who "rescued" the country genre for me but they didn't touch me like these three did - for me they've been my close friends since the early eighties.

The only one I've seen live of these three singers is Steve Young. I had a dream up until one and a half year ago - to go to USA and to see Larry Jon and Mickey once, to see them before they'd be too old. I still have a dream - but it has been modified. So, any information that's related to Larry Jon Wilson, is more than thrilling to me - for me he's a dream. Discussions like this makes him a bit more real! I would like to honour him with a homepage, but I don't know that much about him - so I wouldn't know what to write.....

Thank You All for aswering to my last posting.

Stefan Mörth, Sweden.

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