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Author:  Michael
E-mail:  killmykl@gmail.com
Date:  6/9/2010 12:06:09 PM
Subject:  Re: Lost Triad Sessions
Message:  I was one of the two engineers and producers of those recordings. I was the one who wrote the description of that day, and the finding of the master mixes that I had 14 years later, and the idea of sharing them after belatedly hearing of Mickey's passing.

There was never any intention of making money from those recordings, I shared the recordings originally on the free torrent site Dimeadozen.org. I suspect that it filtered down through to snail-mail sharing. Either way, I see no one looking to profit, only to enjoy another part of the great artists' career.

As for Peter, he wasn't ever a part of the sessions. Alan was there for the day of the recording. I don't think I saw him but one or two times after that, then he disappeared.

The board...wow, that thing...we did what we could with it at the time, it had such a 70's vibe to it, and Peter's technical architecture was bizarre to say the least. The 2 years or so that it lasted in Triad was bound to be it's best days, as it were. I often found myself in every session trying to suck the life out of that flattened Frankenstein. I would doubt anyone but an appreciator of 70's tech gear could find much use or quality from it today.

Good luck though!

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