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Author:  Laura Newbury
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  3/24/2004 9:49:33 AM
Subject:  Our porch family...
Message:  It seems that this year has been an extremely difficult one in many of the lives on the porch... from deaths in the family, to surgeries, illness, and even marital problems... it is a trying time in the world as a whole right now. I want to express my gratitude to each person in our "family", and the board as a whole. While we have many members here, which heightens the chances of having 'trying times' present, we also have quite the solid support system.

How blessed we are...

I will be thinking of and praying for relief in trial for those experiencing it. If you are among those hurting, please remember that we are here on this board for a reason. You have somewhere to turn to.

Laura Newbury

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