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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/25/2010 2:55:48 PM
Subject:  Laura Shayne & Dave
Message:  Sunday evening I saw a dead, wild hog ( big tusk and everything) dead on the side of the road. Used to see them all the time when we lived out in our log house. This one was dead as a door nail. Not real big ( about 250-300 lbs. ) but still, bloated, stiff, and scary looking. I got out of the car and took some pictures, of it, with my cell phone. Two of the people that I sent it to were Dave and Laura.

Two of a kind, these two. They both sent me the same text message accept that Dave abbreviated his with three letters. He was in the air force academy, you know. I can't put what they said on here, because that would bring the board down a level and I'm not like that. But... different genders, but still low class.
Amazing how they're so much alike.

This morning I sent them a picture of it with the buzzards eating it for breakfast. That sucker stunk right through the car. When I let Suzette out, at her school, she said that the car still stunk, on the outside, just by us being by it.

That reminds me, I haven't talked to Mamie, I wonder what she's having for supper tonight and should I drive over?


 Laura Shayne & Dave by larry larry at 5/25/2010 2:55:48 PM
 Re: Laura Shayne & Dave by Laura Shayne  at 5/25/2010 4:43:59 PM
 Re: Laura Shayne & Dave by larry larry at 5/25/2010 5:13:44 PM