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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/30/2010 9:16:40 PM
Subject:  Re: News on Ms. Mamie??
Message:  I got home from seeing her about two hours ago. Around 9pm Texas time. She had a breathing treatment apparatus covering her mouth and nose, which made it hard for me to understand her.

Seems the plans have changed a little, according to the nurse that was taking care of her. They're thinking that she will be moved to the same hospital that she was in, last year, just a few blocks away. The nurse said that it was for rehabilitation. Doesn't sound like she will be going home as soon as they first said. Don't think that Mamie was too happy about that.

Brenda will know more in the morning when she goes to see her. Seems like Mamie has run into the dreaded weekend curse. Everything shuts down on Friday evening and picks back up on Monday. That way , you stay for the weekend, and get charged for it, but not much gets done. Just my opinion.

Don't know much else.


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