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Author:  Craig
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Date:  4/26/2010 5:20:18 PM
Subject:  That Sunday Afternoon...
Cathy's note about Sunday afternoon reminded me of a Sunday afternoon nearly seven years ago. Before then, I hadn't met anyone here before.

I had talked with LL on the phone some time before, maybe it was a couple of times, not sure. I had stated that I wouldn't mind meeting some of the folks that frequented the Porch, and especially Mamie. On our last exchange, I can't remember if it was a telephone conversation or an email, that they were having a get-together of sorts at Mamie's house that December afternoon.

My wife was supposed to go along but she was in Beaumont doing something or other and couldn't make it back to Katy in time. I got in the car and made the trek towards New Caney. It was a drive through Houston of nervousness, trepidation, and a bit of excitement. I got close and called LL's mobile phone, he met at the head of Casey Road in his black Ford Ranger. Out stepped this tall, friendly fellow with a straw cowboy hat. We exchanged pleasantries and I followed him not a couple of hundred yards to Mamie's. That day, I also met Dave, Felix and Barbara, Bud, Jerry, and course, Mamie. There were a couple of others there but for the life of me, I can't remember their names!

Bud had driven a truck given by Randy B all the way from Amarillo. It was for a school teacher that LL knew in need of transportation. A battery was needed for it along the way and I found out later some fellow named JimM donated the funds for that.   This was only the first of many generous times that I have seen folks from this Porch give of themselves. "Pay it forward" as the saying goes.

It was a bit later that a fellow showed up that had called Mamie about a CD that he was releasing called, "A Grain of Sand". Cowboy and Amanda appeared and we all listened to the CD. It was very, very good and Cowboy was watching Mamie intently the whole time, trying to see what she thought. Finally, Mamie said, "I like it. You can dance to it." Little did I know at the time, since I didn't know her that well, how serious she was about it! (It was a bit later that a couple of bootleggers got caught trying to make copies of it! Ha! Ha!)

I left there on cloud nine. These were really, really great folks! I called my brother in Boston on my way home and told him about it. This was a very, very good day, if not the best, that I could ever remember.

Since then, it has been one heck of a ride and it's not over by a long shot!

I was on the phone with Mamie today. I told her that I can't begin to tell her how many great folks that I have met through her eldest son and his music. She then said, "Look what he's done for me! Look at all the people that I have met!"

Wow! That woke me up! Dear God, she was so right! Mamie truly is the richest person in the world!

But Mamie, I feel your wealth...


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