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Author:  erik christensen
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/22/2004 4:04:17 PM
Subject:  To Mickey`s memory - Only one life by Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Layne Webb`s words to

Copyright 1987 White Oak Songs
(if I remember right this song was dedicatet to late MICHAEL BENNETT who was known from "A CHORUS LINE")

1. VERSE NOT include

Only one life
What does it mean?
It`s only birth & death & and everything between
If living is a pointless chore
Just existence nothing more
Why does only one life
Leave such a emty space
One life
Make it right or wrong?
One life
Take a love I can`t replace
That always will belong
To only one life

Just another soul among so many
So who cares if one should fall
Though we`re small
We`re full of magic
When we touch the world
We change it all
With only one life

We only have one change to fight
But if we live it right
All we need is one life
To make a difference here
One life
To say we care to make it clear
We have to make it count once and for all
With only one life
Only one life

RECORDED by Glen Campbell + Michael Feinstein

My collecting of music over the years have sometimes been "a little to much" or!

Much FUN after all!
Nice moment, sad music, glad music, fun music, "pop", folk, rock, blues, jazz, classical, big band, and so on!

I was NOT able to get "CLOSE" to Mickey over the years.

I just hope he like my many postcard from my trip around in the world - I MOSTLY NOT ASK ABOUT ANYTHING IN RETURN - or told him he was GOD.

I done my best to respect Mickey and his family`s privacy over the years.


erik "the dane"

 To Mickey`s memory - Only one life by Jimmy Webb by erik christensen at 3/22/2004 4:04:17 PM
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