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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/21/2010 5:46:13 AM
Subject:  Mamie, at least for now....
Message:  Ran across this. How many remember me getting up to present this framed poem to our sweet Mamie at one of the gatherings, a few years ago?   I wrote the poem and others made a beautiful background and framed it and I think most of us signed it.

It was to be one of those tender moments when we all showed our love and admiration of our sweet Mamie. I remember C. W. was sending it around the world on the live web and Roy was in the back recording it.

Beautiful moment... right?

Hell No! Somebody, up front and wearing a white outfit with a white hat started booing and saying that she wanted the other fella.... Herman T. ! After a few moments of this harassment, with Roy in the back signaling for me to hurry up, I calmly leaned over and said " WILL YOU SHUT UP SO I CAN READ THIS THING!?!?". Finally after asking that this little poodle dog looking person be removed from the building, she calmed down.

Even as I post this, I have this terrible urge to drive over and kick some butt!


“One of a Kind ”, words easy to say.
Without much thought, It’s heard everyday.
Words so simple, but filled with such power.
A mountain terrain or a gentle soft flower.

“One of a Kind ” Could be someone you meet.
Who takes on the world, and excepts no defeat.
With courage and strength she sticks out her chin.
But no matter what, still knows how to grin.

“One of a Kind” an inspiration to all.
She’s there for us, when we feel we might fall.
Always around, arms open wide.
She open’s her heart and let’s you inside.

“One of a Kind ” has pains of her own.
Tears, she won’t shed, until you are gone.
She’s solid, like granite, heart of pure gold.
If you value your life, you won’t call her old.

“One of a Kind ” is a bright, burning torch.
Just her appearance, lights up the porch.
Through her love, a son was created.
Whose words touched us all and now we’re related.

Mamie, to us, you’re “One of a Kind ”.
Like a rare jewel, that’s so hard to find.
We wish you long life and happiness too.
Just want you to know, how much we love you.


 Mamie, at least for now.... by larry larry at 4/21/2010 5:46:13 AM
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