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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/15/2010 2:22:48 PM
Subject:  Re: LL.... Did you?
Message:  It was only Dave in the back of my truck.

Honestly, I don't know what was going on. I drove to the Huntsville State Park for my relaxing morning walk. I usually park by the bathrooms so I can get rid of my morning coffee and Mountain Dew before walking. Two of the park crew were cleaning there so I went to the one across the way, some 100 or so feet away. I opened the door just enough for my eyes to see a full toilet of... uh... poop or brown paper towels and experience the smell that nearly dropped me to my knees. I walked away and told the guys cleaning the first bathroom" Man, this one is bad. I brought donuts, so you better go eat some first and save enough to shove up your nose before coming here."

I then proceeded on my walk. After about 20-30 minutes later I see these park ranger trucks flying down the road with their light blinking. They were going back and forth as I neared my truck, that was parked by the bad smelling bath room. There were five or six Ranger cars and trucks just outside the bathroom, with their lights flashing and two or three talking on their radio's.

When I got to my truck I asked, " This isn't because I have my left tail light out, is it?" They smiled politely and I drove off. When I got to the exit, of the park, I made a U turn back to the entrance where the two girl park rangers were standing as if they were waiting for something or someone or maybe keeping others from entering, instead of staying in their little shack as they usually do.

Of course, with my big mouth, by now these girls knew me. I told them " You don't have to tell me what's going on if you're not suppose to but.... What's going on?" They looked at each other as if they were wondering if it would be alright to tell me. Finally, They said that the rangers were looking for a missing kid. I asked how old was this kid. Twenty-one was their reply. I thought well, they sure weren't looking for him this frantically when I got to the park and not until the cleaning crew made it's way to the foul smelling bath room.

I left, wondering, why six ranger cars with lights going and flying down the 20 mph roads had such an interest in that horrible smelling place. As I left the park, I saw an ambulance, with no lights going ( you know, kind of like when they're in no hurry because the person they are going for has already croaked) and that's the last I knew.

The park rangers wife teaches with Suzette but had just left for some kind of conference, so we didn't have her there to call her husband.

May be nothing but sure, weird. Of course the college is close by and maybe they were calling the poopology lab to come see if it might be some kind of record size t*rd.


PS: nothing in the news about it so, who knows?

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