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Author:  Sylvia
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Date:  4/14/2010 5:27:59 PM
Subject:  Memory Lane

This is about the time each year that preparations for the Gathering really start picking up speed. I remember how excited Roy would get when the reservations and artist commitments would start coming in. Then came the details; what about the stage, sound and lights, scheduling, programs, transportation, registration, rooms, silent auction, don’t forget the refrigerator, etc., etc. It was normal to hear the computer keyboard clicking away well into the night. He was on the phone so much his ears would get sore. And if he wasn’t on the phone or at the computer, he was at the recording equipment listening, editing, making CD’s - - keeping the music alive. He loved it all!

Last year’s Gathering was very important and emotional for me. I wanted G9 not only to honor Mickey and his music but also to honor Roy and his passion. I don’t think it could have been any better. I believe Mickey and Roy were both with us all weekend, enjoying the music, laughing at some of the antics, remembering good times, proud of those of us who are left behind to carry on.

Over the years, so many have done so much I couldn’t begin to thank all of you. Those of you who have been here from the beginning know how important you are to the success of the Gatherings and how much Roy loved and appreciated each of you. However, there are a few folks that stepped up to the plate last year for the first time and I want to thank them personally.

First, Sweet Suzie G - for coordinating all of it, from fried pies to ball rooms and everything in between. For driving countless miles, for opening your home, and for always having a ready smile. You made your Bubba proud. Ron, for fetchin and buildin and helping to keep Suzie straight; Don & Karen McNatt for keeping us on track without stressing anybody out; Ron Haney and Todd Franks for the use of your equipment; Sam for helping me keep it together.   And finally to Cayce, for proving that the fruit truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. The stage never looked better, the lighting was beautiful and intimate and the artists sounded fabulous. I’ll bet the Ole Man had those dimples showing. And to Donna, for the loving support that allowed Cayce to honor his dad.

I believe the Mickey Newbury Gathering is about to enter a new incarnation, infused with new vision and energy, bigger and better than ever.

So for all it has been and for all it will be, thank you.



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