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Author:  (RandyD)
E-mail:  RandyNLilJules@aol.com
Date:  3/22/2004 6:23:41 AM
Subject:  Re: A
Message:  Thirty some odd years ago Larry Jon and I got to spend a day together in Houston breaking bread and talking about songs and songwriters we admired. Most of our conversations that day, however, were centered around one songwriter in particular, and that of course was Mick. Still I knew then, as I do know, that Larry Jon is a very special man with his own unique way of crafting a beautiful song.

One of Larry's songs that has always touched me deeply was about Larry's son, Bertrand, and the blessing tree. Bertand, at that time, was just a little boy not much older than Jules is now, and as my way of thanking Larry for such a beautiful song and his friendship, Larry and I went to a local western store where I bought Bertrand his first pair of little cowboy boots. Larry, in turn, gave me a picture of him and Mick, and later that night when he performed at the Texas Opry House he dedicated his song about Bertrand to me. So many blessings in the course of just one day!

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