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Author:  Egbert
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/11/2010 4:15:05 AM
Subject:  collecting...
Message:  Played a benifit last night for Haitian orphans.
Wrote a song for them. Afterwards a lady compared me to Leonard Cohen. Said I should learn his songs. I replied I knew his work and respected him as an artist.
This one was new to me; my 'compared to'-list include Donovan, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bruce Springsteen, John Denver, Townes van Zandt.
I bit my tongue asking: 'Lady, do you know the songs of Egbert Meyers?'
She might have made some kinda compliment, but I did not feel it that way.
Man how I felt frustrated about this.

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