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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/9/2010 5:20:45 PM
Subject:  Re: Portable CD Player larry larry 04-Aug-2002 09:
Message:  Must be. I didn't see that. I didn't want to go, but that lady from region 6 wanted me to go and so did Betty. It was my first time to ride a big airplane.

I remember the Kagan guy and me emailing each other and it lead to the instructors emailing me. They knew me before I got there.

I remember having to do some goofy thing while crawling on the floor. All of a sudden,after seeing my name tag, one of the female instructors said " YOU'RE LARRY MOORE!" Then she said that one of the male instructors told her, " If you see Larry Moore come get me." So she drug my little rear out of the room down to another room, where this guy was instructing a class and said " Look who I found!"

Even the registration ladies knew me when I came to the front desk.

People in Florida, must not have a life.


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