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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  4/8/2010 12:32:33 PM
Message:  First BlessedSallie a BIG thanks for all you do for US ALL!

You forgot my dear JIMMY WEBB was there at Dosey Doe last year if I remember right!

My dear friends Janet and Craig was there at the concert and a picture was taken.

And J.W. is the ONLY person in the America history of music who have got the Music Grammy Award for both lyric, music and arrangement.

Ha! - Ha!

BUT J.W. was last month up at the well known The Blue Door, Oklahoma City to play.
A place where Mickey also was around.

The owner up there Greg is a friend of mine.

J.W. is today Oklahomas State big son, for me a much humble man.

Mickey Newbury was MAYBE a great FAN of J.W.s music.

I been told 20 years or so ago, that M.N. phone J.W. "because of me".

A "big funny ERROR" was when J.W. celebrate a big music JUBILEE many years ago, they mention MICKEY NEWBURY as recorder of a J.W. song in a big music magazine, maybe Billboard.

He never did record, BUT because I mention M.N. so offen to J.W.s management, they think M.N. did record something.

When we all to soon lost Mickey I remember J.W. so kindly e-mail me.

See you around!


erik "the Dane"

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