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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  3/23/2010 12:55:05 PM
Subject:  willie nelson in denmark...
Message:  ...and a concert June 13, 2010 in Copenhagen.

Almost ONLY less than one week from trip to Houston 18th June.

I have read that a ticket for Willie Nelson concert is US dollar 170.
HOPE that what I have read, NOT is right.

I am NOT a poor soul, BUT think it is a "a little to much price" to pay.

MAYBE I have to contact Willie instead when he are in my country and try to get a "small talk" with him about Jimmy Webb and Mickey Newbury.

LAURA (my other sweet-heart with that name), Jimmy Webb´s wife talk as tv-host at the last Farm Aid show with Willie and about the recording he has done with J.W. for the new duet cd with J.W. here in May 2010.

Oh YES, I am MUCH naive, BUT a true story is, that back in early 1990`ties I got ART GARFUNKEL to phone me here at my home in Hilleroed, Denmark late in the morning, a Saturday, after a "long hard days night" with "small talk" with a friend.

I was then at the world famous amusement park TIVOLI, Copenhagen with Art and his danish promoter at the music rehearsel for his show later this day.
This day in early 1990`ties I also say a short hello to both Elaine Paige, Roger Whittaker and Nana Nouskouri in Copenhagen.

Elaine Paige and Roger Whittaker have both recorded J.W. tunes.


erik "the Dane"

 willie nelson in denmark... by erik "the dane" at 3/23/2010 12:55:05 PM
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