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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  3/21/2004 7:21:00 PM
Subject:  Ron
I know Ron is special here on the Porch, so I wanted to pass this along.

On the heels of eminent retirement, a move from California to Oregon, and the completion of his four year long "Newbury, An American Treasure" project, there's been a little speed bump...

A routine checkup showed that one of the carotid arteries he had surgery on last year, needed some additional attention.

Surgery will most likely, be Wednesday, with a two week recovery... in essence, the time he had planned to complete his distinguished, and eventful career in broadcast Radio.

Bottom line, fickle finger of fate and all, Monday may be his last day with KCBS, on the air...

I have great faith the surgery will come out fine, but I'd hate to see a career transition go unnoticed.

You're a hell of a journalist, Ron.
And a treasured friend.

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