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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  3/20/2010 9:41:56 AM
Subject:  Crazy?
Message:  Maybe, but we had a few thunderstorms come through, ahead of a front. Seems to be slacking down a bit with a few more to come.

Weird how some people are drawn to different things. Like some of Mickey's songs, the ocean, others maybe fire. Me, I'm drawn to the sound of storms. No, I don't want my house blown away but when you see lightning and hear the thunder , at least to me, it kind of brings forth the voice of God.

I sat on the back porch and watched and listened for the all to few claps of thunder, just sipping on a coke ( health freak). Finally, like a kid, I couldn't stand it anymore and I started to walk out to the back, where my little dog is buried, and onto the acre behind me that, so far, shields me from part of the world.

Creepy but , every time there's a flash of lightning, I can't help but think, " You missed God. " and hope that his aim is better, next time.

Can't help but think about friends that I have made on this board and how so many of the ones I love aren't here anymore.

And whether a blessing or a curse, remember talking to some just days or hours before they passed away.

By now, the thunder is coming to a close. With soaking wet clothes and water running from my head down to my back, I have the brilliant idea of putting two of the three autos out in the rain and let the huge amount of yellow pollen get washed off. Suzettes first and then my older black truck. I start the truck and from the speakers, you guessed it, Mickey is singing trak 8 from the live performance of It Might As Well Be The Moon. I just sit and listen as the rain falls.

I wonder , with me being one of the worst, " How have we come so far away from Mickey"?    He was truly a gift from God to all of us. How did one man, that never really sought the star status that he deserved, bring a bunch of, oh so different people, together and cause us to watch love grow?

You realize that we all defied what our mommas would have said about " Never try to meet, face to face, with someone you get to know on the internet. " Always think of Jackie on this point.

Suzette came out to check on me and wondered if there were something wrong. I turn off the cd player, of my truck, step out of the truck and glad that it's raining so she can't tell the difference between rain drops and tears and say " Actually.....everything is perfectly right."


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