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Author:  Doug L
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  3/20/2004 10:43:12 AM
Subject:  Music Quiz #2
Message:  The sequel. New, improved, easier!
First one to get 25 of 25 correct
gets 2 cds from me.
You can reply here or e-mail me
at dalang@telus.net
If anything mentioned below
brings up a memory or story,
please share...
that's why I did this.

1. The Great Pretender was a hit by...
a) The Platters
b) The Wrens
c) The Dells
d) The Penguins
e) The Hoot Owls

2. He was raised in a bawdyhouse in Augusta, Georgia...
a) Ray Charles
b) Count Basie
c) Buckmanista
d) James Brown
e) Tony Joe White

3. He played on Chuck Berry's Maybellene in '55...
a) Sun Ra
b) Willie Dixon
c) Johnny Guitar Watson
d) Little Willie John
e) Lawrence Welk

4. It happened March 24th, 1958...
a) Elvis was inducted into the army
b) John Lennon and Paul McCartney met
c) Patsy Cline died in a plane crash
d) Loretta Lynn had her fifth child before turning 23
e) Mamie got her pool table

5. Which of the following was not a Tom T. Hall album...
a) For The People In The Last Hard Town
b) Faster Horses
c) The Storyteller
d) Old Five & Dimers Like Me
e) Natural Dreams

6. According to Townes, the real Pancho and Lefty were...
a) parakeets
b) cops
c) loan sharks
d) dentists
e) Rex Bell and Guy Clark

7. Neighbors in the rural Arkansas of his youth
called Autry DeWalt "Junior Walker" because...
a) his father's name was Walker DeWalt
b) he walked so much
c) he drank so much Johnny Walker in his teens
d) they thought Autry was a dumb name
e) in Arkansas they call everybody that

8. In his early days this artist was nicknamed "Little White Wolf" by Clarence Gatemouth Brown...
a) Johnny Winter
b) Van Morrison
c) Mickey Newbury
d) Meeks Booker
e) Janis Joplin

9. He was part of the captive audience during one of
Johnny Cash's San Quentin performances...
a) Spade Cooley
b) Merle Haggard
c) Johnny Paycheck
d) Chuck Berry
e) Larry Larry

10. The person who wrote Lock, Stock And Teardrops...
a) Roger Miller
b) Marty Robbins
c) Percy Mayfield
d) k.d. lang
e) Jerry Reed

11. They were born 23 days apart in 1941 and grew up
three blocks apart...
a) Sam & Dave
b) The Captain & Tennille
c) Simon & Garfunkel
d) Bob Dylan & Bob Neuwirth
e) Dave Franklin & Larry Moore

12. Bandleader, producer, talent scout, label owner, deejay,
tv show host, author, r&b pioneer...Johnny Otis had 10 Top
Ten hits in 1949 alone on NJ-based Savoy Records. Which of
the following is not true...
a) he is of Greek heritage
b) he produced the debut of Etta James
c) he once boxed against Champion Jack Dupree
d) he discovered Jackie Wilson and Hank Ballard
e) he has a son named Shuggie

13. Name of the Chess brothers' label before it was Chess...
a) Aristocrat
b) Miracle
c) Melody Lane
d) Hy-Tone
e) Spit & Polish

14. Who wrote Cryin' Time?
a) Willie Nelson
b) Ray Charles
c) Buck Owens
d) Hank Cochran
e) Todd Bertuzzi

15. On April 1st, 2004, it'll be 20 years since this event...
a) Willie Nelson released his Stardust album
b) Marvin Gaye was shot to death by his father
c) George Jones last had a "no show" cancellation
d) Joe Ziemer began his Newbury biography
e) They closed down the Louisiana Hayride

16. She began performing to raise money for her son's spinal
meningitis. Her first number one hit was My Elusive Dreams (1966).
a) Loretta Lynn
b) Dolly Parton
c) Tammy Wynette
d) Roberta Flack
e) Shirley Caesar

17. She wrote the song Who Knows Where The Time Goes...
a) Sandy Denny
b) Judy Collins
c) Malvina Reynolds
d) Joni Mitchell
e) Joan Rivers

18. Which one of the following is not a Kinky Friedman album...
a) Under The Double Ego
b) Sold American
c) A Case Of Lone Star
d) Lasso From El Paso

19. The genesis of Ray Charles' What'd I Say...
a) Guitarist Mickey Baker ghost-wrote it for Ray
b) Ray made it up one night as an encore in some midwest town
c) Ray wrote it especially for the Steve Allen tv show
d) He was drinking with Stamps one night and tossed it off
e) Jerry Lee Lewis asked for a song so he wrote it for him

20. Susan Newbury was in the New Christy Minstrels.
Which one of the following five singers was not...
a) Gene Clark
b) Kenny Rogers
c) Don Williams
d) Kim Carnes
e) Karen Black

21. In 1950 he blossomed as a singer in a gospel group
called The Soul Stirrers...
a) Sam Cooke
b) Percy Mayfield
c) Solomon Burke
d) Ray Charles
e) Andy Polk

22. The first acetate Elvis made at Memphis Recording Service,
later Sun Studio, was a song he gave his mother as a
birthday present. It was called...
a) My Happiness
b) Blue Moon
c) Tomorrow Night
d) That's All Right Mama
e) If You Don't Shake You Don't Get No Cake

23. Sideman Jerry Allison, talking about a friend of Mick's,
was asked how long this friend could stay awake, and said,
"I'm not sure...I've only been with him for a year and a half.
I don't know how long he was awake before that." Who was it?
a) Townes Van Zandt
b) Kris Kristofferson
c) Roger Miller
d) Ernie Bunch

24. He played piano on Jackie Brenston's Rocket 88 in '51...
a) Earl Fatha Hines
b) Ike Turner
c) Ray Charles
d) Jerry Lee Lewis
e) Liberace

25. Looks Like Rain and Frisco Mabel Joy were both recorded
in a converted garage studio which was nicknamed...
a) Insomnia
b) The Caboose
c) Cinderella
d) The Rainbow
e) Crystal & Stone

 Music Quiz #2 by Doug L  at 3/20/2004 10:43:12 AM