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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  3/9/2010 4:55:44 AM
Subject:  Re: Laura Shayne
Message:  Barbara. it all started when I would be driving to work at 6:30 am, Texas time. There would be a beautiful sunrise and I would be in a great mood and full of love for mankind , so I naturally would want to share it with someone I love. Thus a phone call to LS.

The only thing is, that I forgot that Oregon is two hours earlier than ours, and that would make it 4:30 am there.

Don't worry she has gotten me back by calling at 10 pm Oregon time and it would be midnight here. The phone is on Suzettes side of the bed and she would hand it to, a very asleep, me.
" Just wanted to call and say I'm thinking about you and I love you." would come through the phone from LS.

My first thought was " Who gives a sh*t?" But I would be ever the gentleman I am and .... actually I don't remember what I did.

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