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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/12/2010 5:48:12 AM
Subject:  Re: Happy birthday,LL
Message:  Lib, did you say the " S " word, " Share"?

Karley spent the night with us and she and Gramma Susie, made cup cakes for my birthday. Heart shaped and pink icing with sprinkles. Not just any sprinkles, while at the grocery store Karley picked out the " Eight Pack" of sprinkles. The cup cakes are sprinkled all over, with different , sizes, shapes, and colors of sprinkles.

She and Suzette slept in our Big Bed. When the alarm went off and Suzette said that it was time to get up, Karley got up and came and got in bed with me. She said that her principal said that she wanted everyone to get extra sleep. for the Valentines Party today.

When we finally got up we had to play with the baby doll and those *#@!$$%^ stuffed dogs.... ON THE FLOOR! My back, and my now 62 year old body loved that.

She had to iron some clothes, using one of my 2 for $9 cameras. She kept telling me to put the baby on the ironing board. I argued that the baby might get burned. But after several failed attempts, arguing with her, I put the baby on the ironing board.

She stopped ironing and looked at me with disdain, with her hands on her hip and glaring eyes and asked " Why is the baby on the ironing board? Were you not watching her, like you were supposed to? " I darn near kicked a field goal with her little butt.

I kept praying that Monica would show up so I could get off the floor. Finally, she came. I heard Monica ask if she had eaten anything. We had offered her many things but she just wanted to play with PA. When she told Monica that she hadn't eaten, Monica asked, " Don't you feel well? Do you feel like going to school?" I nearly burned myself with hot coffee as I ran in there and said   " SHE FEELS FINE!!!" I knew who she would end up staying with, all day, if she didn't go to school.

Tonight my team from school is taking me out to eat for my birthday and retirement party. The whole school had planned to give me a party this next Wednesday, but I found out about it and told them I didn't want one. Some were a little ticked off but, I don't do good at stuff like that.

Monica Billy and Karley are taking me out to breakfast tomorrow morning and Suzette and I are going to the Valentine Banquet at our church tomorrow night. So it's going to be a good weekend.

Oh....... and Dave called yesterday and told me Happy Birthday. I won't tell you the first words that he called me when I answered the phone, but at first, I thought it was Laura Shayne until I realized the voice was too deep.

Everybody have a great day.


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