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Author:  texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/23/2010 2:01:09 PM
Subject:  Re: Rain
Message:  The chamber of commerce isn't gonna advertise all the bad weather in L.A. Glad Laura and Karen have some good weather. Here in the SF Bay Area we have been deluged with rain. Today was supposed to be a clear day and it started that way until I went to the Hardware store and then that awful black cloud hit us. I will survive another day or so and then jump in on of Alaska Shirley's airplane and head for Maui for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will stop raining by then. My golf course looks like Minnesota with the thousand lakes. More like water than grass. Couple of days ago our street was flooded but all the pumps worked and kept us dry inside. At least the ants loved it.

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