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Author:  San Diego
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/21/2010 4:59:12 PM
Subject:  Rain
Message:  There's big weather outside. Thunder and lightning. Rain rushing under the door. The Swift-Water Rescue teams are on Red Alert. The termite guy came late today. Showed up in a yellow slicker. Very kind. Saw Stu in the yard wrestling with the ladder and helped him take the wind chimes down. "Wow! You sure got quite a collection here," he said, "don't want 'em flyin' through your neighbors window." 80 mile winds predicted tonight. 12 to 18 foot waves battering the beaches. The Pacific Ocean is crossing the Pacific Coast Highway at Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The Cove Bakery will be open all night serving coffee and donuts for free.

Now I'm going to sweep the water out of the garage. Hey, Mike Dillon- "Rainy Day Blues", indeed! And, "...oh, so cold in San Diego..."

PS #1 Lois, how are you doing? Are you on the coast near Pepperdine?

PS #2 Belated birthday wishes to Bree, Porch Angel.

PS #3 I remember Mick sitting on the patio wanting to record the chimes. "Get me the Roland," he said.

Stay warm. Stay dry, dear porch family.

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