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Author:  another mick
E-mail:  verbaud@aol.com
Date:  3/14/2004 9:34:10 PM
Subject:  real off broadway
Message:  Reading down some of the posts on here, esp. That if Mickey were still here....
Here's a late night ramble we cooked up one night in San Francisco, (heavily influenced by the Mickey Cult that the Irish I knew seem to belong to):
The 1st Mickey Newbury albums I owned were Montezuma and Looks like Rain. Knew his stuff for years via other artists, but those albums blew me away.......I visualized 2 hrs of Mickey sitting on a barstool and walking through his life, laughing and sharing stories and singing his exquisite songs...
There is years worth of material. (I curse MTV and the other video channels for their 2 minute attention span scandal viewers...but that's another post).
To me, Mickey is Thomas Wolfe, the Williams Boys, Hank and Tennessee, and so many other great Southern Writers combined.
I would love to get together here or elsewhere on a show featuring Mickey's songs and stories. As our cultural language celebrates the lowest common denominator anymore, wouldn't it be sweet to see Mickey's eloquent thoughts and words brought to light waaaay off Broadway somewhere...
Just a thought....but a good one...
another mick

 real off broadway by another mick  at 3/14/2004 9:34:10 PM