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Author:  Gerry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/19/2010 12:49:49 PM
Subject:  Re: X update
Message:  Remind me , is X the big guy, friend of Roy, who plays bass guitar? I think I had a chat with him at the only Gathering I have been to, so long ago and so many memories, some fading, some as vivid as yesterday, I remember you Jonmark telling about your guitar, the kindness of Karen, the fire of PapaJohn on Sunday morning, Doug's sandals, shaking hands with Roy, looking into Judy's eyes, being a bad influence on Mamie by trading Lone Star beers, Joe Z's voice suffering some just got over illness and how could I ever forget Lee's snoring, that man could win an Olympic medal, Randy Brown's love of Plymouth Gin, Randy Dodds quiet style, what a singer. Such memories and so many more. Thoughts with X, with Lee and all who are suffering at this time. From Gerry.

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