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Author:  jimM
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Date:  3/14/2004 6:56:35 PM
Subject:  Re: off to England
Message:  Jackie,
     In 1960, when I was 15 years old, my dad took me to England for three weeks. We stayed in Datchet and London during that time. Dad purchased a 5 pound tin of Coleman's Dry Yellow Mustard. It could be mixed with water, but it tasted best when mixed with flat beer. That was the hottest stuff I ever put in my mouth. When we went through Custons back then, they never even opened it to see what it was. Do you thing that would happen today? If you run into a small tin and if you can get it past Customs, I would be happy to repay you in Austin. With the way of the world these days, I would say that it would be impossible. Your post reminded me of that time and experience.
PS: For all I know they might sell it now in the USA.

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