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Author:  Susan C.
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Date:  3/14/2004 11:53:45 AM
Subject:  Re: Mamie
Message:  No apology necessary, Mamie. The spammers are indeed a nasty bunch and Congress is going to attempt to curb them but free speech rights may be a bone of contention. Incidentally, me and my 75 year old mother get the same ones I bet you do and how they got her address and mine is beyond me since we weren't looking anywhere on the internet for what they're selling! Don't unsubscribe, just delete, since if you unsubscribe you tell them your address is a good one and one they can pass on to their friends! I'm glad my suggestion worked and you are once again on the Back Porch. Might have to do with those storebought cookies we put out, instead of your delicious homemade ones...I hope PacInfo looks at the forum configuration though, since others have the problem and it may be an easy fix once they look at it.

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