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Author:  Susan C.
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/14/2004 6:48:28 AM
Subject:  Mamie
Message:  Ms. Mamie. This is Susan C. at Mountain Retreat. I have emailed you and they have come back to me - is your mailbox full? I have notified PacInfo to contact you directly to work with you to see if we can solve your back porch login problems. I don't know anything about the peculiarities with webtv and I have asked them to contact the Snitz Forum developers to see if they can find an answer. In the meantime, we're polishing your rocker so it will be ready for you. Please peek around the corner so you can keep an eye on LL and the others in the meantime.

 Mamie by Susan C. at 3/14/2004 6:48:28 AM
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