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Author:  Susan C.
E-mail:  mickeynewburyweb@hotmail.com
Date:  3/14/2004 6:41:35 AM
Subject:  Defective Disks - Mountain Retreat Needs Your Help
Message:  Hello everyone. This is Susan Carlson from Mountain Retreat. We have gotten reports of Blue To This Day defective disks. We need to know as soon as possible if you have received one. If you purchased from the CD store here on the website, please email us ASAP at mickeynewburyweb@hotmail.com with a description of the problem. Please return the disk to us with a note indicating what the defect is and where on the disk it is located so that we can forward it on to the manufacturer so they can analyze what the problem may have been in the process. We will send you a replacement disk ASAP. If you purchased the CD from another distributor or store, we would like you to notify them ASAP and return it to them under their return policy. It would also be helpful if you would send an email to us telling us where you purchased the CD so that we know immediately if one of our distributors may have a shipment with defective disks so we can send them replacements. We are optimistic this is an isolated problem but the sooner we know the extent, the better. Mountain Retreat apologizes for any inconvenience and we will do our best to make it right. Thank you for your help.

 Defective Disks - Mountain Retreat Needs Your Help by Susan C.  at 3/14/2004 6:41:35 AM