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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  12/25/2009 12:46:09 PM
Subject:  Re: HE LIVES ON FOREVER...
Message:  Old Poem from 2005

All is, as it should be, tonight.
I found that renegade, Christmas tree light.
You know the one, it refuses to burn.
Causing the others to miss out on their turn.

One hundred bulbs, and I checked each one.
It was third from the last, my patients, undone.
But I got to claim victory, as I sat in the floor.
And there wasn’t a trip, downtown, to the store.

Lights on the tree and the ornaments are too.
Some of them old, some shiny and new.
Out to the porch with garland and bows.
And an old plywood Rudolph, with a glowing red nose.

The porch chairs are ready for our big family.
The window displays the brightly lit tree.
I survey it all and it’s perfectly right.
All is, as it should be, tonight.

Hot chocolate in hand, I search for my chair.
It must be my own, though no one would care.
There are millions of stars, and hardly a sound.
I love it when this time of year comes around.

Can’t stay here long, there are stockings to hang.
There’s one for me and the rest of the gang.
I pull out each one, with their colorful name.
One sadly reminds me, this years not the same.

This stocking is special, I hang it with care.
Outside there’s a rocker, no one will sit there.
We’ll toast to our friend, although he is gone.
In our hearts and our minds, he’ll forever live on.

I walk out to the street, to look over it all.
The cold silence broken by a coyote’s call.
The porch, it looks good, a beautiful sight.
All is, as it should be, tonight.

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