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Author:  Jackie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/14/2004 12:55:02 AM
Subject:  Re: off to England
Message:  Thankyou folks for all of your replies...but I`m only allowed 15 kilos of luggage...so humans are definately out of the question!!

Phil certainly sounds like an interesting guy so I will be contacting you Judy for his e-mail address. I`ll see if I can do some persuading or at least get him to sing to me.

Doug, where is this Rhea....is she busking on the streets or what?

Gerry, unfortunately I won`t be up your way although I wish I could be. Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful places imaginable....all those stone walls and sheep....a photographer`s paradise! I have lovely memories of Yorkshire. My brother now lives in York.

I was actually thinking of things like Typhoo Tea.

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