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Author:  Joey L.
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Date:  12/23/2009 11:29:10 AM
Subject:  Re: Joy to this Porch
Message:  A Joyous Christmas-time to all my 'elves' on the Porch. Travel with St. Christopher.

We in northeastern Dakota are bracing for a "little" white stuff and wind. I told my sister-in-law today that it's kinda good that we're gettin' old these days. A minor inconvenience of the weather doesn't register with us as well as with the youngins'. (the families from Madison SD, Fargo ND and Sartelle MN may not make it --- so we may be having a smaller Christmas dinner near New Years).

Just as long as there is heat in the hearth and food in the pantry,

As they say in Poland ... "put another dog on the fire."   (no, not really)

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