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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/20/2009 8:30:09 AM
Subject:  Re: Santa
Message:  This is one conversation I had with my Mom that burned a memory. Somewhere in the mid '50's.

It was Easter-time, we were standing in the kitchen in our home in San Fernando, CA. I was about 5 or more (I don't think I was in the Low Grades --- could be wrong. I think I was helping my mom with the dishes. I casually brought up the topic of "The Easter Bunny", and so I asked her.

"No, there really isn't such a thing as the Easter Bunny". (She stopped in her chore of drying the dishes at the time).

I pondered the revelation a tad, then came back with "Then, there r e a l l y isn't a Santa Claus?"

With a half-hidden sigh ... "No, there really isn't a Santa Claus ..." [was she worried about how this could tramatize her offspring?]

End of topic. End of conversation.

I was kinda glad that I was able to figure this thing out, and not be devastated by some smart-alec at school.

Oh, by the way. I DO BELIEVE in Faerie Tales, the Yeti, "Nessie", UFO's, the Bermuda Triangle, AND THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.

Not so sure on the Chupacabra ... though.


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