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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  12/11/2009 8:51:57 PM
Message:  We had a great day. We went by the hospital that she was in a little over a year ago, when we didn't think she'd make it. She wanted to see Nurse Cindy in particular and it just so happened that she was working today. Her jaw dropped half way to the ground after she looked at Mamie, a minute, and then realized who she was. Very sweet lady. She told Mamie that in the eighteen years she had done this job, that Mamie was the only one that had ever come back and told her Thank You.

If you'll remember it was Nurse Cindy that posted on the board last year to let everyone know how well Mamie was doing.

After that we went to Dosey Doe's and the place was locked up but , Steve Said, the owner, opened the back door when I knocked. I told him who I was and that Mamie was with me and he had us come around to the front and let us in and gave us a little tour of the place. Super nice guy, as well as his wife.

Figured that Mamie must be getting a little hungry by then so I put the petal to the metal and got her home so that I wouldn't have to pay for lunch.

For Gods Sake don't ever tell anyone that she's 89! The gloves come off and you start getting hit.... a lot.

Anyone want to get me a Christmas Present? Take that dog of hers to the vet and get it's vocal cords removed.


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