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Author:  Cliff
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Date:  11/20/2009 4:38:14 PM
Subject:  Anyone Remember The Show?
Message:  Been a very long time, where have you guys been?

I hope there are still a few around that Remember Me (Cliff) and "The Show" a radio show that I did on a little FM station in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Mickey was my Guest via the telephone on one of the very first versions of that show. One we did Live on my 40th Birthday.

I think the tape of that interview rounded the world what seems like a million times.

That interview led to the very first Gathering. And my first Live meeting with Mickey Newbury.

For reasons I wont bore you with, I did not continue to do "The Show." But still remember it, and the hours spent sitting in the sand talking to Mickey outside the Motorhome he was staying in for the first few days here.

Well, some 12 years later I have decided to do it again. Different station, but same concept in that it will feature songwriters at their finest.

While Mickey cant be with me for this one, (Miss ya Mick) I will kick off the new show with the taped version of that first interview 12 years ago.

We are Just starting production so it will be a few weeks till air. I will stop back in and post a link to the webstream of the new Station just in case anyone wants to reminisce.

Don't stay gone so long next time.

Will keep you posted as we get closer to the new Shows Debut.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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