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Author:  BarbraG
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Date:  11/16/2009 8:26:16 PM
Subject:  Re: News about Chip
Message:  Bill ...

This is a note to Chip ...

That's what I think I'll call you from now on.
Isn't it amazing what the Almighty has done for
you? I have always believed in the goodness of
God, though we don't understand everything. I
think of how good He has been to you, and that
belief is reinforced over again. While you were
in a coma, your dad reached out on your behalf.
There is a Bible term called "standing in the
gap" for someone. Your dad stood in the gap for
you, and he's still standing. He's saying to
the Lord that you matter so much to him. He loves
you so very much. He has praised your mother to
those of us on Mickey's website to the highest.

So, Chipper, you keep fighting !! And, if you
get a little tired, fight harder!! Try to eat
if it's only Jello,.. and drink. Keep focused on
what you will do when you rise up out of that
bed and go home to pack your camping gear. Even
if it's hard to think positive some days, try to.
It's a big part of healing. Never allow anyone
to think negative. Okay?   Okay, then.

Pray for those who have prayed for
you, and "stand in the gap" for us. That verse
is Ezekiel 22, Chapter 1 .. verse 30...

"And, I sought for a man among them that would
make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before
me, for the land...that I should not destroy it,
but I found none."

God bless you, Chipper !!! He will bring you
across the Finish Line.   I know He can. To your
mother, I say ... "Well done !"

Barbra Griffin
Lake City, FL

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