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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/16/2009 2:25:17 PM
Subject:  Re: Six Years
Message:  Yes Jackie, Times Flies!

2004 was the first year we was together in Austin!

Hope you, maybe Sam and I can be able to reach North Houston next year in June.
Could be fun!

The concert with Jimmy Webb in Denmark is looking much "brighter in my eyes" these days!

Have just this evening in Denmark contacted the head of danish songwriter IVAN PEDERSEN to have a meeting settle, so I get some infos and what to pay for there help for "my" music project.

They are as I see that 100% the expert and maybe wanted to help me for "nice" money, because it is a music legend who come over to play.


erik "the Dane"

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