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Author:  Al
E-mail:  alanvcarr@btinternet.com
Date:  3/11/2004 2:58:51 PM
Subject:  Re: Another long time fan
Message:  Sorry I've been so long replying but I've just got home from work.
Thank you all so much for the welcoming messages, but just a few special mentions:
To Mamie: Thank you for taking time to reply. You're the Queen of the Front Porch.
To Sweet Laura Shayne: You make the porches sparkle with your personality, often with just that hint of mischeif (when appropriate) to make us smile. Your family must be proud of you.
To Doug Lang: The King of the back porch. I marvel at your prolific output of wonderful poems/lyrics. I must try to catch one of your CDs some time soon.
To LL and others: What I wouldn't give to join you all at the Gathering in June. Unfotunately due to finances and commitments there's no way that I could make it this year. Hopefully next.
One problem that I have is that my wife is not into the music. How I've tried over the years to get her to come to love Mickey's (and other Songwriters) music, but without success. She's even indifferent to 'Looks like Rain' for heavens sake (bless her).
I may have a cunning plan though. She does have a sister who lives in Houston, so maybe I could start working on that angle for Gathering'05.
Thats all for now. I guess I'll now have to try to work out the mysteries of the Back Porch that that I've introduced myself.

God Bless you all............Al

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