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Author:  Bill Smith
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Date:  11/16/2009 6:36:50 AM
Subject:  News about Chip
Message:  All things considered, Chip is doing pretty well. He was moved two weeks ago to St. Catherine's Facility in Waco, a very high class extended care facility and nursing home.

He developed a staph infection right after the move, but I think it's under control now. He has had a problem with nausea and has been unable to eat much. He's lost more weight, and there just ain't much weight left to lose. This problem should go away with resolution of the infection.

His mind is perfect. His kidneys have returned to full function. His lungs are fine. He is not on oxygen or any other type of life support. His body is really emaciated and atrophied, and he will need some long term physical therapy, but there appears to be no reason for him to not eventually walk out of there perfectly normal. He's already talking about us going camping and fishing when he recovers.

When I was there on Saturday, one of the nurses was calling him "the miracle man" and urging him to take full advantage of his second chance at life. His recovery is indeed miraculous. I want to thank everyone again for all of your prayers and support. God listened.

 News about Chip by Bill Smith at 11/16/2009 6:36:50 AM
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