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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  11/13/2009 4:34:18 AM
Subject:  Re: Still here...
Message:  Hi Laura, I miss you!

Instead is my love for the moment "transfer" over to my other LAURA, Jimmy Webbs lovely wife, who I was with this Mondays in LONDON.

Was to concerts with Jimmy Webb + sons and band who include Glen Campbell son and skill drummer CAL!

I will to "my bottom of my heart" hope you BOTH will met at "my playground" sometimes next year!

Jimmy`s LAURA told me how much she also wanted to come over for the concert together with Jimmy.
She also wanted them to have a holiday here my homeland, who Oprah Winfrey so much praise in her show.
We are only 5.5. million people here.

And so much hope you Laura and brother Chris can come over and open for dear Mister Webb, and you also bring Nashville`s own Jonmark Stone with you.

Hope the last questions for the concert here in my hometown or Copenhagen area, or up at coast line soon is settle, when I have talk face to face with the "head of danish songwriter" Ivan Pedersen very soon and his band member.

He have some "old" skill music players in his band - who "knows it all", from Limo to towles as Ivan said.

My NEW Grandchild MADS (boy) will be Christen this SUNDAY, and hopefully by the vicar I know, who "sung" lines from "His eyes is on the sparrow", when I mention Mickey and that song.


erik "the Dane"

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