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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  11/11/2009 7:44:46 PM
Subject:  Grandfather of the year.
Message:  Guess I'll dominate the board for a few minutes. My granddaughter, Karley, got out of school early today because of Veterans Day. I picked her up. I also had to take her to dance.

Do you know how hard those tights are to put on? But, by golly, I got them on with not a wrinkle anywhere. Got her tap dance shoes tied just right too. I marched in proudly, with my accomplishments and Karley's teacher met us with a smile ( with all the other parents smiling and trying not to laugh) and said." You have the leotard on back ward." I was wondering why anybody would design something with a hole in the front.

Monica got there and was told of what had happened, and grabbed her head and said " Oh, Lord, my poor baby, in here, looking like a Hooker, "

So, I'm creative.....


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