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Author:  Sallie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/9/2009 5:24:59 PM
Subject:  Libby and Lee
Message:  I just finished talking with Lib and thought I'd let all of you know that that sweet girl is working herself in the ground lately!! She has just moved this past weekend, and her workload this time of year gives me a backache just thinking about what she tries to get done in a day.

The bottom line is, with all that, she is worrying that she's not able to see Lee very much lately. I told her I'd post this and just see if maybe a few folks who haven't called might want to give him a call or send a card to give him a little diversion until she gets a little spare time for another "eat out" with him. His number is 210-359-1970.

Send a few of those good Porch prayers Libby's way,too. I told her what she needs is a "Libby" to take care of her!

Elton and I send our love to all of you who are sick and hurting!!


 Libby and Lee by Sallie  at 11/9/2009 5:24:59 PM