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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/3/2009 6:37:49 AM
Subject:  The DANE in LONDON and more!
Message:  Hi all!

The Dane will arrival in London 5th November for the Jimmy Webb + sons concert on MONDAY there in town.

We se Dirty Dancing show same evening we arrival to our hotel out in Bayswater area.

And on my day for J.W. concert, Lady Jane will "go for" Grease musical.
My dear Eirik "the Norwegian" Wangberg - who have work with Sir Paul McCartney, also work on the Grease movie soundtrack with O.-N. John and John Farrar (from ex. instrumental british group Shadows) as I remember.

About the JIMMY WEBB and hopefull a concert with him and maybe "OUR" Laura, Chris and Jonmark as support act (I hope so much!), maybe in my hometown Hilleroed, DENNMARK sometimes next year.

LOOKS MUCH BRIGHT for a concert in my homeland - read later!

My "other" also lovely LAURA (J.W.s wife) hope to come over to LONDON after a tv gig she have at the 7th November in Los Angeles she have told me in one of her e-mails to me.


Got this lovely e-mail from my dear friend IVAN (head of danish songwriters) some days ago!

His group LABAN reach the Top 100 US Billboard list in the 1980`ties I think.

USE a translater, Google - hope you understand to translate Ivan`s letter!

Hi Erik!

We have held some meetings about this one topic. Jimmy Webb in Denmark.

With sufficient notice, there is quite a small team of people I trust who could run this thing through for you.

That is the whole package with press contact, billetnet (about ticket - danish firm), venue, instruments, facilities, booking of hotel and airline tickets, practical settlement of the concert,

A PR plan with budget and management of the transport from airport to hotel to venue, back to the hotel back to airport, sound and light

Food forlangender, bakstage requirements entire package. You can even figure out some people who come to work here, and my business friends.

Are people to whom I entrust everything about myself and my concerts - they also offer to coordinate this whole circus.

All for a price of course.

On could also get an estimate (binding budget) about what will become of expenditure in this context, so you know what needs to be found money.

This would then include everything that might come of bills to everything there is with Jimmy Webb's fee to do.

Also an estimate, you must show to anyone you trust to get comments on whether it is out of hemp, or reasonable.

So you must, at a professionally conducted a concert with Jimmy Webb in the right place, of course, expect that there will be some ticket money to set-off.

You can meet these people when you are sure that Jimmy Webb himself has expressed that he wants to come and begin to represent a proposed date.

With this knowledge, you will be able to look at whether there might be other sponsors who might join as sponsors / co-investors.

This could be the small group of business savvy, which I will introduce you to also coordinate.

It could also be that you could find a better concert if we were looking a little after that.

Someone has told me that Jimmy Webb concert should be held on Louisiana (world famous art museum).

But come now, just back from London with some acceptances, some prices (for your own information) and some suggestions for dates, so I put up a meeting with these people.

The people I talk about doing nothing but exactly that.

Ivan Pedersen



erik "the Dane"

 The DANE in LONDON and more! by erik "the dane" at 11/3/2009 6:37:49 AM
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