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Author:  Laura Newbury
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  3/11/2004 5:35:26 AM
Subject:  Re: Another long time fan
Message:  Al, as I have said many times, seeing a new "face" on the porch brightens my day. It's a brilliant reminder that my father is stll here, whether I can or cannot see him. To add to that, the fact that you are so familiar with his music and that you have continued to buy new albums and listen also to the old warms my heart beyond words. Thank you for letting us know you are here with us... and although I cannot ask you to "stop by often" because it seems you do that already, I will ask you to please write again. On behalf of everyone here, including the Newbury family (I'm sure you'll hear from my granny soon) we would love to have you jump in and join our conversations.

It's an honor to have people like you, as well as so many others in the world, listening to my dad's music.


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