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Author:  Al from England
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Date:  3/11/2004 5:10:45 AM
Subject:  Another long time fan
Message:  Dear all,
Aside from sending a message of condolences just after Mickey's passing, I have remained a reader of the Porch rather than a contributer. I suppose I felt that I may be intruding on a group of close friends and family of Mickey's by participating on a regular basis (though I know by reading many of your postings over the last few years that you are all too kind hearted to go along with this theory.)
When reading the posting from Martin of Southampton yesterday, and all of your kind responses, I decided that it was about time I posted.
I was only fortunate enough to see the great man himself live in Concert, on one occasion; that was in the early(ish) 70's, with a fabulous bill of Harry Chapin and Plainsong (a Matthews Southern Comfort derivative) as well as Mickey. What a great evening that was.
I can remember around this time that a friend of mine had been able to get hold of a copy of Looks like Rain, on the Mercury label; (this was some time before it was re-released with the live album at Montezuma hall) and it was like gold dust here in the UK. We were so thrilled with the album, that we rationed the amount of plays to ensure that we didn't wear the vinyl out. What hasn't worn out is my love for that album. I still regard it as the best ever made by any artist, as I know many of you folks on the Porch do. A Long road Home could well be my 2nd Fave of all time by any artist and I think that a marvellous job has been done on Blue to this Day.
So Hi to all on the Porch; I'm sure that there are still many fans of Mickey's over here in the UK.
regards to all..............AL

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