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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  3/10/2004 10:50:51 PM
Subject:  make up your mind
Message:  it's an interesting thing to say,
"make up your mind."

i read of Coue, the doctor,
who had his terminally ill patients
repeat for two minutes each morning
and two minutes each night,
"every day in every way
it's getting better and better."
so many of his patients were cured
that it defies reasonability.

i think of the Dhammapada
who said, "we are what we think.
all that we are
arises with our thought,
and with our thoughts
we make the world."

maybe i am foolish when it comes
to praying. i was never taught how,
but it seems to me that prayer
is nothing more than thought
accompanied by a yearning of the heart.
i do not think of it as religion,
but as part of nature.

someone dear told me something
not so long ago about a songwriter
who believed he received his songs
as though from a radio station
high in outer space.

we have receiving capability
and it would appear, even with
those who know not how to receive,
that the universe takes deep pleasure
in giving us what we need.


 make up your mind by Doug  at 3/10/2004 10:50:51 PM
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