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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  10/11/2009 2:32:59 AM
Subject:  was mickey right wing...
Message:  I know very well this is NOT a Forum for this to debate.

Why I write this, is a friend of mine Alex, big Mickey N. and Jimmy Webb fan in the Danish National Radio some days ago talk to Joan Baez over phone, recorded, but send this Saturday on air, said Mickey was right wing - (ONLY in a kind way), and in same way ONLY say (very, very little interview - 1-2 min.) nice thing about Mickey and Susan and how much Joan loves him.

And in a way I DON`T CARE (Erik ad), what Mickey was or not was!

I am in many way "right wing", but learn that if you look at the world, this is NOT "always only black or white!".

ONLY want to say - I got INFO some days ago that Joan Baez was talking to Alex and NEVER EVER ask him to say, ask Joan anything about if Mickey was right or left wing.

It was ONLY Joan who say that!

I WAS ONLY asking Alex to speak with Joan about how it was to record music of Mickey and Jimmy Webb.

It was total a 1 1/2-2 hour program on the air with all kinds of music, other artist - and can maybe be found - on air stil, Danish Radio homesite, P4 - hope I can guide someone there tomorrow, if anyone wanted to hear.

Alex play on air Mickey "The 33th of August" in Joan`s vers.


erik "the Dane"

 was mickey right wing... by erik "the dane" at 10/11/2009 2:32:59 AM
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